Whether you are building your new dream home or planning a renovation, there are a range of architectural roof designs that can work with your home and your taste.

Each roof design can serve a different purpose and in Australia, roofing is very diverse. In a country that has vast outbacks, dense bushland and seaside coastal areas, it’s not surprising that there are many different roofing options.

Having an idea of the different roofing options and what each one can do allows you to choose a roof that performs well in your location. Here are the top architectural (and functional) roof designs to kick-start your journey into picking the best roof for your Australian home.

Hip Roofs | It’s all about the slope.

The hip roof, or hipped roofs, is a design of roof that has 3 or more angles that are built into the roof’s structure where all sides gently slope downwards to the walls. This type of roof is works for all weather conditions and all environments and protects your home from the elements effectively.

The Hip roof is particularly efficient in areas that experience high winds as is offers a sturdy framework for your home and because of this, this style of roof is exceptionally popular in Australian coastal cities.

Gable Roofs | Return of the classics.

A Gable roof is a roof design is a classic design that comes to mind when thinking about roofs. It includes two roof planes that slope in opposite directions with the highest point angled in the middle of the roof. This type of roof is most recognisable through its triangular shape and is the most traditional design.

This style of the roof can make a bold statement in style whilst still remaining modern through its organic straight lines. A gable roof will give your home an elegant and classic look and is extremely popular in the period home market.

This design is particularly popular for homes which may like to display their trusses or want to give that extra tall height and sense of open space on the interior.

Flat Roof 1960s Revival

If you are a modernist at heart and know who Le Corbusier is, then you’ve definitely seen flat roof homes and you’re already a convert. For the rest of us, we probably saw the best in flat roof homes in movies like North by Northwest or through the 1960s series Mad Men. Flat roofs were given a hard time for a while but with new techniques emerging today, the flat roof is widely used for architectural projects.

As the name would suggest, the Flat roof is flat and low pitched. Although this roof is flat, most flat roofs have a slope, that typically sits at an approximately 1-10° angle. This allows for rainwater and debris to run off the side.

This style of roof is extremely modern as it minimises the roof size and the size of your home. This type of roof is typically used for high rise commercial buildings, as well as apartment blocks, however, it is slowly transitioning into residential properties. It is ideal for city living as it can be used as an additional living space to make the most out of your home. Many people use the space on the roof to entertain and even plant an urban garden.

Skillion Roof

The Skillion roof, also known as a mono-pitched roof, consists of a flat surface that is a single sloping roof that is not attached to another roof side. The degree of the slant will vary from roof to roof. This roof design has similar advantages to that of a flat roof as it compliments modern home exterior styles.

This style is easy to construct, looks pleasing to the eye and is also extremely popular in urban areas.

Curved Roof

This style roof provides a soft and round appearance to your home. This type of roof is used to minimise the size and overall height of a home and provides an appealing aesthetic ambiance. This style of roof is ideal for locations that experience high wind conditions as it provides resistance to the wind.

The curved lines on the roof give a more organic and smooth feel. This design of the roof is a great modern alternative to a flat roof and it also allows for greater indoor living space. It can also be used to add extra floors to a house when height restrictions are a concern.

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