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Modular Roofing is a great option for buildings that are in the thick of it, away from it all, or for architecturally designed homes. These eco-friendly roofs are efficient, saves time and can be installed seamlessly. If you’re looking for a roofing company that delivers only quality with a professional team that works well with all of your trades, find out how KC Roof Plumbing can do it  here.


Fast. Efficient. Strong.

KC Roof Plumbing are at the forefront of fitting modular roofing. Great for buildings that are situated in the thick of it, away from it all, or for homes that have a bespoke architectural design. Our expert team knows how to achieve the best finishes and variations of styles to make the most out of every project.

Saving more than time

Every modular roof that we fit is installed in a controlled environment and tested according to the toughest industry standards. Modular roofing ticks all the sustainability boxes too, such as:

  • Reduction in greenhouse emissions
  • Increased reusable energy
  • Recycled materials were able
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Low carbon footprint

We partner with organisations who have state-of-the-art facilities, where each roof is precisely cut to match plans and can be produced at anytime of the year. Delivered to us on-site and constructed within days (not weeks), modular roofs allow our projects to move quickly onto the next phase of construction.

KC Roof Plumbing modular roofs are made of Bluescope Colorbond steel and use the Bluescope range of classic matt, metallic and contemporary colours. We make sure that the roofing we fit is well considered and compliments the external cladding. We can provide both the cladding and the modular roof installation, either way we can turn your project into reality.

We get on with it

No matter how big the scope, how large the on-site team is, or how complex the build, we get on with the business of getting the job done seamlessly. When there’s a technical problem, we solve it. Our team of modular roof-fitting experts thrive on deadlines and are driven by quality and process.

The choice is yours

It doesn’t matter what shape the crowing glory of a building is, the options of modular roofing that we fit, suits every shape and configuration of certified construction. Whether a building has a flat, pitched, skillion, two story or even curved or asymmetrical roof line, we can manufacture and install the roof to your specifications. Modular roofing provides the maximum level of flexibility because it can work across a large number of roofing variations.

Join the revolution

Experience the difference in high grade quality, service, and excellent delivery for your next industrial, commercial and domestic modular project. Contact the team at KC Roof Plumbing on 1300 KC Roof (52 7663) to fit your next modular roof.

What Is The Role Of A Commercial Roof Plumber? – KC Plumbing

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Here’s a better question – are all roof plumbers made equally? The quick response is absolutely not. The longer one will take a bit of time, and that’s what we want to explain today – placing aside personality, price, and quality as a focus. Today we want to cover the professional kinds of roof plumbers out there.

There are trades and there are tradies.

There are different kinds of skills that a builder, contractor and high-end residential project manager have at their fingertips. When we talk about the roof plumbing profession there are different trades within the roof plumbing industry that are selected for certain jobs. Not all roof plumbers work on the same parts of a house (contrary to popular belief).

The Residential Roof Plumber. Your trusted mate.

These plumbers work on bespoke architecture, refurbishments, and high-end renovations, delivering a very high degree of quality roof installations.

Commercial Roof Plumbers. The specialists in one area.

These guys do the one job really, really well. They work on a very large scale like on multi-story buildings or pavilions. The work is efficient and the craftsmanship is there for many workers being onsite. They only do certain aspects of roofing, and of those particular aspects, they do them day-in/day-out and just keep getting better at it.

Finding plumbers who do both. It’s a Win-Win all round.

Most Builders and Architects have to employ separate Residential and Commercial Roof plumbers for projects. The reason why that happens is that Residential Roof Plumbers are generalists and have a broad skill range. They haven’t got the big teams that can execute the one thing over and over again. For Residential Roof Plumbers each job is different and variety is the spice of life.

On the other hand, Commercial Roof Plumbers have refined their specialty down to a fine art. They work together in a unified team and have clearly defined roles so that the work is done well.

There are some companies, through word of mouth and great referrals, who can actually do both. Hang onto them is the first thought that springs to mind because the benefit of a hybrid company is that within their team, they have both very skilled generalists and specialists.

The team at KC Roof Plumbing are a trusted team of both Residential and Commercial Roof Plumbers. They do both. They train their team to work as a team, learn from each other, and capitalise on what they know to continue to keep doing what they do best, day in, day out.

If you want a project that needs a complete roof plumbing solution with both skill sets – Commercial Roofing and High-End Residential Roofing – call KC Roof Plumbing on 1300 KC ROOF (1300 53 7663).