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Colorbond Roofing Installation – Metal Roofing

KC Roof Plumbing is proud to be recognized as one of Melbourne’s leading Colorbond ® roofing installers. Colorbond is a household name in Australia (mind the pun) and one of the most popular roofing brands currently on the market.

We have all heard of colorbond, with its heralded reputation of withstanding Australia’s landscape and harsh summer climate, but as well as serving homes across the country in a functional sense, Colorbond roofing also incorporates a sleek and elegant look, to reinforce its durability and thermal performance.

At KC Roof Plumbing, we understand the importance of using a quality roofing material that has been proven to withstand the elements, and since a Colourbond roof comes with its trademark 5 layers of protection, we don’t see that changing in the future.

Why Colorbond Roofing?

At KC Roof Plumbing, we know that choosing the right type of material for your new or existing roof can be challenging. Not only does the roof of your home enhance its aesthetic appeal, but the material choice can go a long way in protecting your family. With that being said, metal roofs, and Colorbond in particular, are quickly becoming the preferred roofing material for many Australian homes. Because a Colorbond roof is stylish, considerably light but unquestionably sturdy, thermally insulated, easy to maintain, and highly resilient under the testing Australian weather conditions, it is no wonder that more and more homeowners are opting for a colorbond roof from KC Roof Plumbing.

In fact, and if you’re building a new home or are in the process or organizing a KC Roof Plumbing re-roof, whether it be for an investment home or a high-end residential property, KC Roof Plumbing can walk you through every step of the way when opting for a patented, colorbond roof.

Stylish new Colorbond roof

Choosing The Right Colour

At KC Roof Plumbing, we want our customers to be happy, and as such, when it’s time to choose the right colour for your colorbond roof, we will always strive to be as helpful as possible. That being said, choosing the right colour can sometimes be more than just an aesthetic choice. In fact, and when we’re talking about things like energy efficiency and thermal ratings, choosing a colorbond roof with a lower solar absorptance means it will reflect more heat in comparison to a colorbond roof with a higher solar absorptance. This, naturally, will keep the roof space and home cooler on a hot day.

Typically, the solar absorptance is related to the colour of the roof, (again, reiterating the fact that choosing a colour isn’t always just for the look) which simply means the darker your colorbond roof, the higher the solar absorptance rate.

There are around 20 colours to choose from, but if you’re still not convinced, the colours that Colorbond roofing can be ordered in are professionally baked on, which aids tremendously, in your roof keeping its colourful integrity for years to come. Design and durability. It’s a win-win.

Colorbond Roofing: A guarantee you can rely on At KC Roof Plumbing, we will always provide as much information as we can when the choice of Colorbond roofing is on the table. We will walk you through the many benefits, the colour schemes, and what to expect in the future, and as such, will be more than happy to go over our 7-year guarantee. With every colorbond roof we fit, KC Roof Plumbing will offer a 7-year guarantee on all of our work.

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MBDC Construction
MBDC Construction
09:29 05 Aug 19
We have worked with KC Roof Plumbing on a number of custom architectural builds. They have consistently provided us with a quality service and great quality of workmanship. I have recommended them to other builders and home owners on a regular basis based on their professionalism and their quality work.
Jason Holloway
Jason Holloway
07:09 06 Jun 19
I am a builder and we do custom homes all over Melbourne, and I was looking for a roof plumber who can take these types of jobs on confidently, I have used KC Roof Plumbing on several of my jobs now and will continue to do so. The whole team at KC are fantastic to work with from the beginning through to the end and the attention to detail is excellent. No job is to difficult for them to undertake. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality roof plumber.
Mark Semmens
Mark Semmens
06:42 06 Jun 19
KC Complete a roof in Hawthorn on a highly architectural and detailed project. They were fantastic from quoting, planning and delivery of the project. We have had no leaks!
Angelika Ireland
Angelika Ireland
03:29 15 Feb 19
Very professional approach, reliable and good with their communication. The reroofing work was of a high quality. Especially liked the fact that the site where they worked was left spotless on completion.
Brad Schram
Brad Schram
06:16 04 Feb 19
KC Roof Plumbing have been our preferred Roof Pluming company and have been awarded contracts for all of our builds over the past 4 years. Their professionalism by all employees and contractors on site along with the smooth progression of their works to consistently meet our scheduled timelines is exceptional and the reason why they continue to be awarded our contracts for both Metal cladding and Roof Plumbing. From small renovations through to multi-unit developments, their attention to detail is second to none which ensures that the quality of work they produce is in line with our expectations as a high-end residential builder.
Bill McCorkell
Bill McCorkell
06:40 13 Dec 18
We have been dealing with the team at KC Plumbing this year across numerous projects. They are adaptable, responsive, cohesive and most importantly share similar values to our own. We look forward to developing a lasting relationship with them to benefit not only our own companies but the clients that we deliver to.
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