From natural materials like wood to man-made products like plastic polymers and sheet metal, tons of options are available to choose the best roofing type for your home. Each of the roofing types has its shortcomings and positives. Factors like roofing cost, eco-friendliness of the materials, material durability, style of the house and permissible roofing types in the locality are important to understand before choosing a roofing type.

In this article, we will look at the various roofing options and their features.

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#1 Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are composed of zinc alloy, aluminium, steel or copper. They are available in sheets or shingles, and they are installed with hidden fasteners. The steel roofs are given a zinc coating whereas the copper roofs require a protective green patina with age. These roofs absorb a lot less heat than roofs made with asphalt, and they can be created from recycled materials. The metal roofs are durable, lightweight, resistant to wind and fire, moderately costly, and usable for low or steep sloped roofs.


#2 Asphalt Roofs

The asphalt composition shingles largely comprise the roofing market. The material is created with fibreglass combined with asphalt or organic paper fibre mat. They are available in thickly laminated shingles or the traditional 3-tab shingles. The asphalt roofs based on petroleum products aren’t eco-friendly but can be recycled. The roofs aren’t too durable. They are moderate in weight, resistant to wind and fire, inexpensive, usable for low or steep sloped roofs.


#3 Plastic Polymer Roofs

The plastic polymer roofs are synthetic shingles resembling wooden slates. They are made with a high tech plastic polymer material, and they are usually low maintenance and long lasting. They can be easily recycled and replaced. The plastic polymer roofs are resistant to fire and the wind, moderately priced and usable for moderate or steep sloped roofs.


#4 Concrete Tiled Roofs

Concrete tiles are made with a mixture of sand and cement. They resemble wood shakes, wood slates, and traditional clay tiles. The tiles can be coloured, and they are made with natural materials. The concrete tiled roofs are low on maintenance, long lasting, resistant to fire and the wind, requires strong roof framing support, and it’s moderately priced.


#5 Clay Tiled Roofs

Made of fired clay, the clay tiled roofs give a Spanish / Italian look to the homes. The tiles resemble wooden slates, and they are made with natural materials. The clay tiled roofs are long-lasting and require minimal maintenance, but they can break easily. These roofs are used for moderately sloped roofs; they are expensive, resistant to fire and the wind, and they require reinforced roof support.


#6 Wood Shingles and Shakes

Made with rot-resistant woods such as redwood and cedar, the wood shingles and shakes give a natural look to the home. They are, obviously, made with natural materials and they require periodic maintenance. The shingles and shakes are used on moderate to steeply sloped roofs, are resistant to the wind but not fire, and they cost moderately.


#7 Slate

Slate is one of the oldest roofing materials. They are made with a natural slate rock. It is expensive, brittle, durable and resistant to both wind and fire. They are applicable on steep sloped roofs only. Only trained workers can install this roof, and it needs a strong reinforced roofing support.


These were the few roofing types suitable for your home. To request a no-obligation consultation or more information, contact KC Roof Plumbing.