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At KC Roof Plumbing, we know that the family home is sacred. A place of peace. Many of us are proud to call the houses we live in our homes, and as such, keeping it both structurally and aesthetically sound is always a priority. That’s why the importance of having a good quality roof that is regularly maintained shouldn’t be ignored, just like it shouldn’t when the process of re roofing is up for discussion.

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Re-roofing Melbourne


Sometimes, the need for re-roofing is a more obvious decision than at other times, at least on face value, but it is important to note that a damaged or compromised roof will not always appear as such Re-Roofing is the same as Roof Restoration. At KC Roof Plumbing, we know that when it comes time for re reroofing for your Melbourne home of office, the installation or replacement of a new roof can be significant investment, but one that will provide total peace of mind. After all, re-roofing directly affects you and your family’s safety and wellbeing, depending on the state of your current roof of course. That being said, it’s not always an easy job, or a job that can be done in a matter of hours, but that just highlights the importance of hiring a professional re roofing company when the time, does in fact, arrive. Re roofing has a big impact on the appearance, value and function of your home, so if you’re thinking about selling, re reroofing could also be an important thing to keep in mind.

ReRoofing: When should I do re-roofing – Roof Replacing ?

At KC Roof Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being honest, hard working re roofing experts. We are a name you can trust when its time to re roof here in Melbourne, and as such, will always be 100% transparent and informative about the state of your roof. Below then, is a list of things in which would warrant a re roofing service, so if your roof currently is exhibiting any of the following, perhaps you should get in touch with us today.

  • Missing, broken or even visibly torn shingles
  • Shingles that have cupped or curled along their edges, becoming unsightly and less effective.
  • A considerable amount of growth, mould, or moss
  • Bald shingles that have lost their granules
  • Roof leaks in multiple places
  • Rotted roof sheathing

Again, the need for re roofing might not always be as obvious as water leaks or a roof overgrown with mould, damaged shingles or tiles, or any other noticeable damage. At KC Roof Plumbing, however, we often recommend re-roofing to a number of people who might be unsure whether or not a new roof would be right for them. Whether you are looking at to repair storm damage, such as wind damaged or missing shingles that have created an uneven and patchy look to your roof. Whether tree branches have damaged parts of your roof or the underlying structure or shingles, KC Roofing & Plumbing will be able to help you. We often suggest that if there is storm damage to your roof, then reroofing is the better option to trying to spot fix your roof.

Other reasons you may want to invest in our reroofing services revolve around increasing the value of your home, replacing a fairly worn yet sturdy roof, matching your colour bond gutters with your roof, or as part of a complete home renovation.

Trust KC Plumbing & Tiling for all your re-roofing needs

Typically, your roof will last about 20 years, give or take, but during that time, your roof will obviously endure a lot of physical stress and potential damage. Again, we know that re roofing is a big investment and rather time consuming, which is why KC Roofing & Plumbing will be up front and professional, right from the get go. If you’re looking for re-roofing services in Melbourne, remember the name KC Roof Plumbing as your go-to. We can come and inspect your Melbourne property and assess your current roof, and then get the ball rolling on an eventual reroofing.

When Should I Replace Or Repair My Roof?

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When it comes to your investment, place of business or personal home, keeping what’s very important to you safe and dry makes your roof one of the most important parts of your building. Regular maintenance of your roof is not only good for its appearance, but it can also save you money. If you delay inspecting the condition of your roof it will eventually wind up costing you more money and will become an even greater burden to deal with in the long run. So when is the right time to do something about your roof (new or existing)?

It depends on the current state of the building and what you want to do. If you have plans of selling your building or have begun to feel like (or see) there are major structural changes that it needs (like better wind and water resistance), it’s probably a good idea to take a look at replacing your roof. Below is a guideline that you can follow to help you handle potential issues with your roof:

They’re not like a bottle of fine wine.
Roofs can age…ungracefully.

Your roofing and the asphalt shingle of a roof should only last between 20 and 30 years. If your roof is inching closer to towards the end of its life expectancy, then you may be facing a potential issue, even if your roof seems fine when looking at it from the ground level.

If your roof is beginning to age, you may only have a few years left before you need to consider replacing it, especially if you are considering selling your building. One of the best ways to determine if it is time to replace your roof is when you notice that the neighbours have started to change their roofs, in which case, you may also want to consider doing the same.

A sagging roof. A sad reality.

If your entire roof has begun to sag, this is a sign that your roof is in need of immediate and urgent attention. It may be that your roof could be facing major structural issues. Occupying a building with a roof that is sagging and hasn’t been checked could mean people within that building might be in danger. As an owner of a building, home, construction site or business premises you have a duty of care to check that everyone within that building is safe. It’s in everyone’s best interest that you solve this issue sooner rather than later as the damage could progress quickly. In this situation, we suggest that you call a roof expert as soon as you possibly can.

Moss or algae where it’s not welcome

If your roof has become covered in moss or algae, this is typically a superficial issue that does not affect the structural abilities of your roof.
It’s important that no matter how you decide to tackle this, that you do not attempt to solve the issue on your own by scraping away the algae from the metal or tiles. This is will begin to chip or scrape away at the tile or paint which can cause greater damage to your roof that will end up costing you a lot more to replace. Consider speaking with a roofing professional who will determine the extent of the problem and how to manage it.

Rays of sunshine coming through your roof?

Sunlight peeking through your roof is a sign that your roof is in dire need or being repaired or replaced sooner rather than later. This is a Class A Red Flag. Essentially, if sunlight can get through your roof, so can the wind, rain and in some parts of Australia, the snow.

Changing Your Roof Is A Huge Game Changer


The roof of your house is often overlooked as a design element, but it’s no secret that when a roof is carefully considered it can change the entire feel of your home.

Choosing a reputable supplier to replace, repair or improve the look of your existing roof is an important decision which can increase the value of your home. Not only can the right team produce a beautifully presented roof to make your home look great, but they can help prevent potential problems in the future and turn your roof into a major selling point if you do decide to put it on the market.

New Roof. New Home.

A new architectural roof can make your home look newer, more modern and can really make it stand out from the other homes in the neighbourhood. Roofs are often the most neglected part of any house and when they are poorly maintained, it can not only cause an eyesore, and in some cases, irreversible damage.

Water damage, extreme weather conditions, mould and sun damage are all common problems that your homes roof can face. By replacing your old and out-of-date roof, you can achieve a new and modern look whilst providing the protection with your home needs.


A good place to start.

When choosing the aesthetic of your new roof, there are a few design and style choices that should be taken into consideration to make the most out of your new roof.

Selecting the colour and texture of your roof can also play a significant part in the structural integrity of your house. Subtle and subdued roof colours work well in suburban or residential areas. Alternatively, darker colours like Colorbond’s Monument in a matt finish can add a great contrast and frame for great curb appeal for both modern and period style buildings


A good place to start.

When choosing the aesthetic of your new roof, there are a few design and style choices that should be taken into consideration to make the most out of your new roof.

Selecting the colour and texture of your roof can also play a significant part in the structural integrity of your house. Subtle and subdued roof colours work well in suburban or residential areas. Alternatively, darker colours like Colorbond’s Monument in a matte finish can add a great contrast and frame for great curb appeal for both modern and period style buildings.


More than meets the eye

However, choosing a roof should not only depend on looks alone. Climate plays a big role in what type of roof to would suit your home. If you live in a warmer climate, the design and material of your roof will matter.

Energy efficient and sustainable roofs can be important in saving you and the environment from protecting you from unnecessary costs.Your roof could work hard in absorbing and retaining heat within your home. Having your roof coated with a material that can reflect energy from the sun will keep your house cooler. Well placed vents can further rid your roof of the presence of warm air and invite the coolness.

The Australian climate can be harsh and live in a bushfire or cyclone-prone region means your roof is a vital investment. Leaf guards for gutters, steeper pitches for your roofs and other elements can make a difference to the way your roof resists strong winds and fires.


Check with the council.

Remember, safety is key in constructing a roof. So before even deciding on a roof, do some research and check with your local council. Find out about any rules, regulations and standards on roofing for homes in your area.


Material considerations

If your home is uniquely architectural and you are seeking to make that statement you might like to consider unusual roofs with a particular patina or a material. Many cities use alternative roofs which are stunning. In Australia, the best material is Colorbond because it withstands the extremes weather conditions in the Southern Hemisphere and offers the best thermal rating. Other roof materials that are used as an alternative to tiles include zinc, copper, aluminium and steel.

If your roof plays a distinguished role in the overall exterior design of your home, let the sides of your house be the dominant colour in your colour combinations. When you choose the colour of your roof chooses something that either complements or contrasts with the walls of your home. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve to create – either way creating a cohesive exterior depends on the best combination of structure and roof.

Replacing your old roof can not only improve the safety and security of your home, but it can also enhance the overall aesthetic of your house. The team at KC Plumbing are ready to help you to achieve the best look for your home. Call us 1300 KC ROOF (1300 527 663) to discuss your best metal roofing options. Or email us here for more information