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Re-create a home and a building by using our expert re-roofing services. We have the know-how to renew your building into its former glory with a new roof, find how we do it here.

Reroofing plumbers Melbourne

Trusted Re-Roofing Experts Melbourne

KC Roof Plumbing have brought new life to many homes through re-roofing in Melbourne and for years, our clients have referred us onto anyone who wants a beautiful result for their building too. We have the experience in roof replacing in a variety of situations from re-roofing after severe weather damage, repairing homes with pre-existing unsafe roofs and updating homes with Heritage Overlays. Our re-roofing makes homes secure, safe, structurally sound and look fantastic. The KC Roof Plumbing team have the know-how to create the best blend of the old roof with the new.

It’s for the long term

A roof covers over a third of a home’s exterior, providing shelter against every condition all year round. So it’s no wonder that it degrades, warps, and generally gets a battering from the elements over time. Our re-roofing projects that are only done by roof replacement specialists extend all of our buildings’ lives and give:


Our re-roofs are structurally secure.


Our installation fully seals and insulates buildings from the weather.


Roof replacing is a faster process saving time and money.


Colorbond roofs, finishes and options are second to none.

Our Latest Projects

We don’t just say that we exceed client’s expectations, we can show you.
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We’re with you every step of the way

Let them know that we are there from start to finish on the journey and being almost an advisory service from knowing every facet inside and out we will always ensure we have there best interest at heart with the most professional outcome.
From the beginning of the planning stages all the way through to the finished build. What sets us apart is that, not only are we there for the whole journey, we know roofing, like the back of our palm, and that’s why we give best advice based on our collective experience. We want produce an amazing result for you and we’ll do everything we can to help you get it.

Roof Replacement Melbourne

Checks and Measures


Reroofing has rules and regulations applied to them. We can obtain or point our clients in the right direction for permits, coordinating services and council requirements to complete a re-roofing project. In addition to all of that, we have our own quality assurance (QA) during Roof Replacement and on completion, where we supply evidence of a great roof well done. Our team also undergoes pre-start Risk Assessments to coincide with our paperless site specific SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) every morning before they start work.

Our Reroofing Process


There are a set of steps that the roof plumbers at KC Roof Plumbing take to produce a high-quality finish for our roof replacement clients. The processes that we follow exceed
the industry standards because we take the time to be there for the whole journey. Here is the pathway that we would take together with you when your building needs a re-roof.

The Beginning

  1. Codes and Legal Obligations.  Any roofing project needs to meet today’s Australian Standards and Codes. We check those and make sure our roofs do the same.
  2. Permits. If they are needed. Once the type of roof has been decided then we might require legal permits before we start. We will talk to you about whether that applies to your development or project.
  3. Booking the trades to work with our core team. A roof might not be as simple as it appears. We work with a broader group of skilled trades and equipped operators. They include electricians, plumbers, fall protection experts, scaffold suppliers, plant, crane and tile/metal roof removal specialists. We take care of all of those areas with our dedicated group of trades that seamlessly work with our core roofing team. From the beginning, we will detail the scope with you, as one building sometimes is slightly different from another.
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The Middle Of Our Reroofing Process

  1. The first day on the site we set out what sections of the roof to remove & replace on each day to allow KCRP to keep your roof water tight at all times. We crane and handpass sheets up to the site roof location. Then those sheets are placed, packed, strapped and ready to unpick as required.The following days will consist of the next steps (depending on the scope of the job specification, roof type and agreed on works):
  2. When a section of a roof is removed, we re-grade, leave or replace the battens (depending on the roof type &/or re-roof type).
  3. Every day on-site, at the end of each day, provide water protection to the roof through temporary flashing or place a tarpaulin over the exposed sections of the roof. This is done until the roof is complete.
  4. Installation of a new box or eaves gutters. And depending on the roof, we re-pitch the box gutter to avoid future water pooling and rusting.
  5. Installation of new ceiling insulation to the roof space.
  6. Installation of safety mesh to cover for fall protection through the ceiling space & to support the new foil-faced insulation blanket at an R rating you want to match.
  7. Installation of new roof sheets where the sections were removed. Secure fastening of the new sheets in accordance with industry codes of practice.

  1. After the roof is completed and watertight, our Onsite Manager visits the site for a midway quality inspection and measures the Finishing flashings that are required to finish the project perfectly. These materials may take 24-48hrs to arrive at the site location. It’s the little things that matter to us, so we look at every detail closely. This is also a great time for the Onsite Manager to raise any extra items that may be required.
  2. We then return when the final set of finishing materials are on-site, and we complete those works including running all the downpipes to the ground level if required.
  3. A full site clean is done at the very end. We remove all rubbish, recycle all metals (to reduce our carbon footprint) and leave the site in the best condition ready to reveal.

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The End

  1. After the roof is 100% completed and you are happy with all the proceedings, our Onsite Manager visits the site for a final inspection. All elements are checked & photographed by the Onsite Manager that are required to deliver the best quality of craftsmanship, quality of delivery & materials of the roof for each client, these include:
  2. This covers gradients, insulation, perimeter flashing, penetrations with custom back tray flashing to the ridgeline, fascia cover flashing & cleanliness. This is a vital quality check.
  3. We get the all-clear on site, and we like to do a hi-five and let the client know we completed all onsite work. At an additional cost we can arrange the director to take drone video or photo footage of your project and give it to you at the end.
  4. A Quality Assurance Report is produced with all the elements of the job outlined. We provide a final set of photos and visuals.
  5. The report is signed by the client. That’s our job well done.

How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost?

If you need to replace your roofing, it is crucial to know how much the project will cost, especially that it is likely to be a significant outlay. Certain factors will determine the cost of your reroofing. These factors include:

  • The roofing material you choose
  • The size of your roof
  • The angle or pitch of your roof
  • The complexity & amount of flashings
  • Correct labour required to carry out each type of reroof

If you want to specifically know how much a roof replacement cost in Australia, give us a call to get a quote.

Commercial Reroofing & Replacement Contractors Melbourne

Commercial roofs are built and designed to last, but we all know that nothing lasts forever and nothing is indestructible. Severe weather may cause damage that is beyond repair. The existing roofing materials of your commercial building may have aged beyond its reliable lifespan.
Here at KC Roof Plumbing, we know that the roof of your commercial space plays a significant part in the building. Not only that, but it is also a substantial and critical investment. Whatever type of commercial roof you need, our expertise, experience, and commitment to providing the best quality materials will ensure that it will be built to last and extend your building’s life.

Don’t underestimate the scale of this job, the time commitment, and the expertise necessary to complete it correctly. That’s why it’s better to get an experienced roofing contractor who can properly assist with your commercial roof replacement and commercial roof report. If you are looking for commercial re roofing in Melbourne, let KC Roof Plumbing handle it for you. You can rest assured knowing you are in safe hands having engaged a Licensed Senior Roof Plumber from the word go.

We provide high-quality commercial reroofing solutions with great customer service.

We partner with you through the whole process — from initial design, budgeting, installation, and follow-up quality assurances. We know that commercial re-roofing can be complicated. You need to make sure that dust, debris, and noise are minimised during installation while keeping the building dry. There are tons of other concerns, but we will be there with you. As we go through the process, we will explain each step we take, which will help you make an educated decision that fits your requirements, needs, and budget. Not all commercial re-roofing contractors have the same experience. Make sure that the one you choose has extensive experience in the industry, so you’re confident that your contractor can handle your project with ease and professionalism that is seamless.

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If you require complete re-roofing services or only replacing some part of your roof, we’ll advise you on the highest quality, best approach, and biggest bang for your buck. KC Roof Plumbing are specialists in Metal Roofing and are fully qualified Roof Plumbers. Contact us on 1300 KC Roof (52 7663).


What People Are Saying About Us

We were extremely happy with the whole process, from coming out to provide the quote, the follow up measurement, the installation and the inspection. Everyone was pleasant and punctual. The roof looks amazing and the recommendations they made in respect of the insulation and increasing the height of our roof in one section has worked well for reducing the heat coming in from the roof. We have a relatively flat roof, so not a lot of space between roof and ceiling. I have no hesitation in recommending KC Roof Plumbing Pty Ltd.- Les Hopper
We engaged KC Roof Plumbing to replace our dodgy old roof and also install some skylights. The guys were fantastic at all steps of the process. When Casey came to give us a quote, he was super friendly, open and informative, and clearly …- Meg Woolfit
KC Roof Plumbing removed my old tiles and replaced them with colourbond.They were a very professional operation and everything ran smoothly and on time. The team showed up to do the final measurements, the plumber arrived to temporarily remove the solar panels and the guys arrived the day before to install the safety rails. The roofing team arrived each day as planned and did a fantastic job. All the rubbish was removed, the gutters were cleaned, solar panels replaced and safety rails removed the following day. They even provided a truck to remove the old tiles rather than a skip to protect the paved driveway. All arranged by KC with no fuss. A great team and a very pleased customer. Thanks to you all.- Trevor Hutchinson
KC were brilliant. We engaged their services for the re-roofing of a multi dwelling property and the results are amazing. They were so professional and really easy to deal with, from initial contact to final inspection. We will be using them for all of our projects going forward. Cannot recommend them highly enough.- Mick Szalkowski
Highly recommend! Casey from KC Roof Plumbing was prompt, professional and personable. Everything from our initial meeting to the delivery of materials & timeline of works happened exactly as planned with no delays. The tradies who completed our new roof were also very friendly, respectful nice guys. They worked in pretty undesirable wet conditions to get the job done. Most importantly the roof looks great, it’s given our Victorian cottage a new lease on life and was achieved for a very reasonable price. We will definitely be asking for KC Roofing back when we do our extension.- Olivia Meloni
We are currently in the process of renovating our home and have dealt with multiple trades and companies and have not come across this level of professionalism. Your service was incredible from the initial inquiry to the actual installation. Your work ethic is second to none. You said you would start on a particular date and you did you even finished ahead of schedule which is amazing. I normally don’t write review but felt this was warranted and implore anyone who chooses a Colorbond roof to choose KC roof plumbing you would honestly be crazy to go with anyone else. Great quality great value. Your tradies were completely professional and efficient I cannot rate you highly enough. Thank you so much for getting us a new roof and guttering and right before Christmas when you are so busy and huge thanks to your tradies could not have asked for better guys to do the job please pass this on to them.- belinda parry

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MBDC Construction
MBDC Construction
09:29 05 Aug 19
We have worked with KC Roof Plumbing on a number of custom architectural builds. They have consistently provided us with a quality service and great quality of workmanship. I have recommended them to other builders and home owners on a regular basis based on their professionalism and their quality work.
Jason Holloway
Jason Holloway
07:09 06 Jun 19
I am a builder and we do custom homes all over Melbourne, and I was looking for a roof plumber who can take these types of jobs on confidently, I have used KC Roof Plumbing on several of my jobs now and will continue to do so. The whole team at KC are fantastic to work with from the beginning through to the end and the attention to detail is excellent. No job is to difficult for them to undertake. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for a quality roof plumber.
Mark Semmens
Mark Semmens
06:42 06 Jun 19
KC Complete a roof in Hawthorn on a highly architectural and detailed project. They were fantastic from quoting, planning and delivery of the project. We have had no leaks!
Angelika Ireland
Angelika Ireland
03:29 15 Feb 19
Very professional approach, reliable and good with their communication. The reroofing work was of a high quality. Especially liked the fact that the site where they worked was left spotless on completion.
Brad Schram
Brad Schram
06:16 04 Feb 19
KC Roof Plumbing have been our preferred Roof Pluming company and have been awarded contracts for all of our builds over the past 4 years. Their professionalism by all employees and contractors on site along with the smooth progression of their works to consistently meet our scheduled timelines is exceptional and the reason why they continue to be awarded our contracts for both Metal cladding and Roof Plumbing. From small renovations through to multi-unit developments, their attention to detail is second to none which ensures that the quality of work they produce is in line with our expectations as a high-end residential builder.
Bill McCorkell
Bill McCorkell
06:40 13 Dec 18
We have been dealing with the team at KC Plumbing this year across numerous projects. They are adaptable, responsive, cohesive and most importantly share similar values to our own. We look forward to developing a lasting relationship with them to benefit not only our own companies but the clients that we deliver to.
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