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We’re all about the process.

Our clients are in contact with Licensed Senior Roof Plumber from the word go. From tender drawings to working drawings to signed contract, we work with all of our clients and other trades on site until the very end. We assess each site, looking at the building’s orientation and from there, we develop the best processes that not only benefits our client’s expected finish date, we also liaise with all related trades on site to make sure we are working in the most unified way.

Making sure you’ve covered the legals

After you’ve provided us with your drawings we’ll check it for any legal issues. When something doesn’t comply with the current code we’ll mark it up and advise on how or where it can amended before your drawings are stamped, sealed and approved. We will then work in with all relevant parties from the get go and cover off as many potential hurdles as we can before we commence.

High Quality. Assured.

KC Roof Plumbing visit the site with client before commencement so that it’s safe, sound and ready for our team to get stuck in. We have a Quality Assessment Digital Form System in place that every team member must sign off on at each stage of the project so we all follow the same list of strict criteria in line with our vision, insight, industry rules and regulations as well as Daily Safety Checklists. We know what our teams have completed and what’s yet to come using our mobile job tracking system.

This is how we achieve

Our Insight

The most innovative roofing company delivering the highest quality work, respected for our professional and seamless operation.

Our Methods

Customers can always depend on KC Roof Plumbing, through transparency, accountability, and the delivery of uncompromising quality – every time.

We value our customers always being able to depend on us, by ensuring transparency through daily operations, which helps to ensure our customers have full trust in our performance at every point of interaction. Accountability is at the core of this, with clear lines of responsibility for each stage of the project.

KC Roof Plumbing carry a unified, solid and professional attitude within our group of skilled personnel and right through to our clients and partnered trades.

Working together is second nature to our team of skilled workers, who all bring their own level of expertise and skill to the group. We believe collaboration is the way to achieve the best results, and our culture encourages leadership and constant improvement in performance for exceptional results.

Safety is our top priority for the employees of KC Roof Plumbing and all on-site personnel connected to the project, including our clients and all related on site trades.

We are 100% committed and strictly abide by the latest codes, regulations and ensure we are trained well in the management of our daily safety and risk management system on a state of the art software.

KC Roof Plumbing are dedicated to the relationships they forge daily, and believe in treating others with the respect they deserve.

Whether it’s regarding colleagues, clients or candidates, we believe in respecting others and in turn being treated with respect. We are aware that to treat people fairly and professionally helps to build teams and, equally, to keep them, and is one of the key indicators of a company’s professionalism.

KC Roof Plumbing wants, and expects, success for our clients, partners and ourselves.

We know that by having a sense of urgency, doing what we say we will do and by providing a quality service, there is no reason we cannot achieve ours and our client’s goals. With clear communication, skilled workers and seamless management, we expect it – and so should you.

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