Modern residential architecture has changed in recent years. Simple roof designs have become increasingly popular. It not only do roofs now encompass simplicity in form and function, but a simpler roof also has the advantage of being cost effective.

We have assembled the top 6 trends in modern and simple architectural roofs with some design inspiration for you as well. Below are some of most popular architectural roofs and ideas in Australia:

Flat Roofs

Modernism at its best

One of the most popular architectural roof trends that is currently booming in the Australian market is the modern flat roof. Traditionally, modern architecture has been portrayed by flat roofs. Flat roofs are visually pleasing to the eye as they create long, flat horizontal planes. These straight lines are similar to those that are found in nature, such as a broad horizon. These roofs are simple in both function and form and are the best example of the modernist principle of clean lines.

These flat roofs are also extremely diverse in terms of use and living space. Vegetable gardens and green roofs can be created and, unlike other styles, they are accessible, supplying additional living space

Gable Roofs

Traditional but not old school

The gable roof is one of the most architectural traditional roofs, however, has found its way into modern architecture in recent years.

This style of roof is simple in its function, form and design – which are all characteristics of modern architecture. These pitched roofs can have diverse aesthetics that can execute a modern feel.

A gable roof provides an opportunity for a loft space or attic and increases the usable floor area, as well as allowing for a lot of natural daylight to enter the space.

Hipped Roofs

Slopes and proportions

Hipped roofs are the most popular in Australia. These roofs have 4 or more planes that gently slope downwards from the ridge at the top. The angle that the planes slop at depends on the size of the house. They can be square or rectangular and are well-known for their great strength and stability against high winds and their shady eaves.

Skillion Roofs

One side or another

Skillion roofs are also known as shed or mono-pitched roofs and were once mainly designed for sheds and other industrial buildings. However this eye catching style has become increasingly popular in urban areas as it compliments modern home exteriors.

Characterised by a single slope which is attached to a higher wall, a skillion roof tends to have a steeper and more distinct pitch than a standard flat roof.

Skillion designs are both time efficient to install and are more resistant to drainage problems compared to less steeply sloping roofs .The skillion design has become increasingly popular in Australia especially as it features a rural and industrial styled theme.

Butterfly Roof

Doubling the style

Butterfly style is also referred to as a V roof or a London roof.  They are characterised by two skillion roofs that are symmetrical and inverted to resemble the wings of a flying butterfly.

Butterfly roofs are often redefined in contemporary architectural roofing because it allows light to penetrate through spaces that are glazed. They are much liked for their higher walls and clerestory windows that simultaneously protect privacy.

Green roofs

Responsible eco-design

Often described as gardens in the sky, green roofs are an innovative, space efficient and eco-friendly roofing design that is increasingly trending among Australians in urban areas.

Green roofs are not distinguished by shape, rather they are known for their function in providing space for the growth of vegetation.  For this purpose they are surfaces simply made flat so they can absorb rainwater, provide insulation, create a habitat for wildlife and help lower air temperature. Also known as a living roof, some green roofs are completely covered with plants and greenery, whilst other are only partially.

Choose your own style

These types of roofs are the best, and most common examples of modern and simple architectural roof trends. There are however, variations to these designs that still allow for a unique modern aesthetic. This can be achieved through combining these roof profiles or varying them in a small way.

Achieving a modern architectural home design does go beyond your the style of your roof. It is the whole house design that makes a home modern and on trend. Gathering other details such as geometric forms, clean and simple straight lines, natural materials and daylight are other ways of creating an architecturally interesting and unique home.

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