As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain the durability of your house. From floors to the roof, everything has a lifespan and capacity of endurance. However, the exterior of your home requires much more attention than the interior.

As the roof of your house undergoes a lot of harsh environmental situations like a lashing storm, heavy rain and ultraviolet rays, it requires regular inspections and scheduled maintenance. Regular upkeep of your roof is the smartest investment you can do as a responsible homeowner. One of the maintenance methods is colour coating.

Irrespective of the material selection for roofing, there are many reasons you need to consider before choosing the right shades and colourbond roofing colour schemes for the roofing materials. Roof colours form an important part of the visual frame for every home. Choosing an impactful colour is a decision that some Homeowners (of new or existing properties) can easily overlook. A great colour choice in a roof can add tremendous value to a home and improve its overall aesthetic dramatically.

Here are some of the valuable tips, which can help you with your roof colour selection:

#1 Dark Shades vs. Light Shades

You colour selection for the roof is a major factor as it influences how much heat the roof will absorb from the scorching sun. It is scientifically proven that dark colour schemes absorb a higher amount of heat as compared to light shades. On an average, black shingles would absorb 10 degrees more heat than white shingles on a summer day. However, the difference between other shades like greys and browns is not so wide.

#2 Do not underestimate the brick colour

Shutter colour schemes and shades can be replaced from time to time, but bricks are not easily replaceable. Before you decide on siding colours and paint shades, it is important to finalise the brick quality and colour. When you go for selecting samples of colour schemes for houses, start with the brick and gradually move to the paints.

#3 Your exterior should match the roof colour in some way

When you decide to change the colour schemes for your home exterior, changing the roof colour is the last step. However, while selecting the roof colour, do not forget to compare it with exterior walls, trims and surroundings. Your home should look unique but not out of sync, so make sure whatever you choose, it should match your surroundings.

#4 Get inspired by nature

If you look around, mother nature may provide you with some brilliant ideas for your roofing style. Trees can inspire you for shades of brown and green. If you live near a beach, you may love to go for the colour schemes of blue and turquoise. With the sun so high in Australia, you must consider the effects of the Australian before selecting the colour tone for your house.

#5 Be creative but maintain the balance

Contrasting colour schemes can enhance the architectural features. However, too much contrast can create confusion and clash with the originality. A single colour family includes hundreds of shades to choose from, so it is always safer to stay with one colour family. You can play with the tones, shades and tints but do not lose the balance between dark and light colour schemes combinations.

Do not jump into finalising colour schemes for houses blindly. It is always better to take your time and talk to your roofing service provider for an estimate.

Plan everything according to your home’s structure, interior and exterior style, neighbourhood and environmental surroundings.