We pride ourselves on professional re roofing services here in Melbourne and have a growing reputation, an expert team of reroofing specialists, and the industry know-how to handle any re-roofing issue. That being said, and when it is time to employ an expert reroofing company, it pays to know a little about the upcoming process. If your existing roof has deteriorated due to severe weather conditions, aging, or even poor materials and average workmanship, then reroofing is something that you should be seriously considering. Since re-roofing is a major investment and also a time-consuming one, KC Roof Plumbing will always be transparent and informative, in order to ensure total peace of mind for all of your reroofing needs.

In this blog, we will be walking through the important steps involved in the reroofing process, so that you have a clearer understanding of the work required. If you’re ready to employ a re-roofing business in Melbourne, or are unsure if your roof needs reroofing, then KC Roof Plumbing is a name you should remember.

Everything you should consider before re-roofing your home
When choosing the right the type of roofing material that will best suit your home and suburb, architectural style and budget, it is always important to find the best quality materials you can, as well as qualified re-roofers to ensure the job is done right. We can’t stress this enough. In fact, KC Roof Plumbing have reroofed many a home as a result of homeowners opting for much cheaper, but inferior materials, materials mind you, that were suitable in the initial years of the re roofing process, but faulted on both a structural and aesthetic level not long after. Therefore, and if we were to highlight one of the most important steps before the roof replacement  process actually begins, it is to ensure you have some form of knowledge on the types of roofing materials available, as well as being vigilant in your research when hiring re-roofing contractors. KC Roof Plumbing are always here for consultations and roof assessments, as well as a resource of friendly, re-roofing advice.

The steps involved in re-roofing – roof replacement of your home
Below is a clear, step-by-step guide of the whole re-roofing process and what you should expect when hiring KC Roof Plumbing . It is important to be aware of what exactly happens during the reroofing project, so obtaining as much information as you can is an important part of the process.
The steps are as follows:

  1. The first thing a reroofing company will do is ensure your walls and surrounding house areas are protected with a tarp. After the old roof material is removed, drip edge will be professionally fitted in order to stop water from backing up under the new roofing surface
  2. Speaking of water, the next step involves both ice and water shields being installed over the roof decking. These will prevent an unwanted moisture build-up, and as such, is a critical step of the reroofing process
  3. Next, a high quality underlayment should be installed over the entire roofing surface
  4. Then, the new roofing material will be laid out, working from the bottom up.
  5. Metal flashings and diverters come next, and will be placed at critical points such as in the channels and near chimneys. These must be properly fitted and finished with industry sealant to prevent the possibility of water seeping under the edges
  6. After this, installation of ridge vents are needed to ensure continuous ventilation, as well as providing aid in protecting the whole of the re-roofing job. In addition, rib caps will finish the look of the new roof and protect the aforementioned ridge vents
  7. Finally, the re roofer should be mindful of any superficial mess or damage as part of the re-roofing process, and properly clean the work area while making sure to leave any landscaping intact and free of nails and debris.

Nead to re-roof? KC Roof Plumbing are only an enquiry away
Hiring the right re-roofing company in Melbourne is one of the most significant decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to your home or office. We can’t stress the importance of having a good quality roof enough, so if our article looking at the main steps of the reroofing process has eased your mind a little and you’re ready to make the commitment, then get in touch with KC Roof Plumbing today.