When it comes to roofing choices in Australia, Colorbond is one of the most popular. Colorbond roofing can be found in Australian homes all over the country, and for good reason.

The Colorbond range is extremely durable, it can perform in extreme weather conditions. It has a colour range that’s inspired by the great Australian landscape, making it a true feature of the quintessential Australian home.

Here’s why more and moer Aussies are choosing Colorbond as their number 1 roof of choice:

Cover more surface area for less

Colorbond roofing is one of the most flexible roofing materials that one could use. Due to the lightweight design of Colorbond, the roofing can be supported with less structural foundations. And it can cover large areas of your roof without the requirement of column supports. This is good news because it allows you to save money on the cost of engineering and construction, and you get the best looking house on the street at the same time.

Keeping you cool

In the harsh Australian climate, it can be difficult to find a roofing material that can combat the strong winds and severe heat. Colorbond has been specially designed with the Australian homeowner in mind with its in-built Thermatech technology, making it ideal for the Australian climate. It has a high level of energy efficiency and an increased R-Value for insulation in roofs.

When you have your own Colorbond roof you’ll find that it reflects the light and the sun’s UV rays, keeping your home cool in the summer. Not only does this save you money on high electricity bills from running your air conditioner all season long, but it also protects the environment and reduces your greenhouse gas emissions.

It stands up against opposition

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Colorbond for your roofing is that it’s fire resistant. These roofs are designed to be used on sites that are considered to be at high risk of bushfire attack. Colorbond roofs are constructed with a Bushfire Attack Level – Flame Zone (BAL-FZ) under the Australian Standard AS3959-2009, which the current a standard designed to improve a building’s resistance from burning embers, radiant heat, flame contact or a combination of all three.

As the metal itself is non-combustible, it makes it much more uncomplicated to seal the metal against embers and sparks from fires. Properly rated fire wool and insulation can also be added to manage the perimeter of a building to further prevent any potential embers coming into contact with the home.

With the unpredictable and extremely hot weather conditions in Australia, fires are a manageable concern. Choosing Colorbond means you can safeguard your family against this event.

Waterfalls easily away

As a Colorbond roof is corrugated with a specially made bonded paint surface, where the water falls and deflects in all the right ways and into all the right places. In addition to sealed and dry, water moves off a Colorbond roof quicker and can be captured in water tanks keeping your building faster. Because of its unique surface water is cleaner and readier to reuse and recycle.

Traditional roof tiles are porous, are prone to leaking or cracking under certain pressures and can easily become waterlogged then leak. That doesn’t happen with Colorbond steel roofs. They don’t absorb water, they deflect it because of its finished surface, so all water just runs off.

The watertight qualities of colorbond roofing can even help you to save water by quickly redirecting all rainwater into its gutters and increasing your collection of drinking water.

It’s surprisingly light in weight

As Colorbond roofing is extremely lightweight and doesn’t need extra structural support. The installation of your new roofing simple and smooth.

We can say it now. It’s good for the environment

Colorbond is unique as it is 100% recyclable. Not only that – it’s light in weight which means it costs less to transport, saves on time and saves on resources getting the sheets on/off the rig much quicker than other materials like tiles.

… And they’re good looking too.

Choosing a Colorbond roof means you choose. Maybe you’re looking for an ultra-modern design. Or maybe you want your building to blend in with its surrounds. Either way, you have complete creative freedom for how you want your home to look. There are 22 colours to choose from and innovative ranges are being launched into the market to keep up with the latest trends, including the new Matt colour range.

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