Being a homeowner in Melbourne, you know that your roof is the most important structural element in your home. Your roof not only gives protection against the elements but also increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. It is your first line of defence against rain, and heat from the sun. The roof also saves you from the invasion of animals, birds, and insects. Because of these reasons, you must pay utmost attention to the condition of your roof. If you are located in Melbourne and see any signs of cracks on damage due to the age of the tiles, we recommend that you consider making a long-term decision on replacing the tiles with Colorbond metal roofing in Melbourne.

Common signs of Roof Damage

Roof repair or replacement is very time consuming and expensive exercise. Probably this is the reason why many homeowners in Melbourne keep ignoring minor signs of damage to their roof, believing they will go away with the passage of time. However, small signs like missing shingles, tiles, rusting metal or moisture on the ceiling can become very big problems if you ignore them and wait for some time. Here are some of the common signs of damage that you must not ignore and act immediately as soon as you spot them.

Moisture on the Ceiling

If you see small or big spots of moisture on the ceiling after the rainy season, it is a sign of damage to your roof. Moisture seeps down the roof to show itself as moisture on the ceiling. You will need a roofing Specialist in Melbourne to Access the damage of your roof and see if the damage is serious and if so do we need to look at roof replacement?.

Moisture in the ceiling - leaking roof

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof is a telltale sign of damage to your roof. In fact, you may need to replace the roof altogether as sagging is considered a very serious issue which can pose danger to life and property if it leads to a collapse. In some case sagging can require the structure to be packed to ensure straight line finish. however if it is serious then we may recommend a builder to get the structure up toi code. (usually sagging is casued from the emmense weight of tiles over a long period of time. New colourbond roof installation is light weight and eliminates this from ever being a problem again.

 Leaking Roof

Water leaking from the roof or ceiling space is a sign of soon to be serious damage to your roof. Locating the source of the leak is a process of elimination and You must call up a roofing expert immediately to attend to the problem. Leak detection or its replacement by KC Roof Plumbing is the only solution to your problem of a leaking roof.


Visible signs of damage

It is necessary for you as the homeowner to visit your roof around ever 6 months to check for signs of build ups of debris from trees dust or silt that eventually cause your roof to rust out! If it’s too late and the roof is rusted out then call KC Roof Plumbing for an obligation free roof replacement quote.

Dissimilar products

If on your visit to the roof, you see corrosion of metal fasteners or Dissimilar metals being used together in all areas of your roof & gutters,If the dissimilar product i.e zinc roof onto galvanised gutter is not replaced straight away you will have serious damage to your structural integrity if not seen to.. You will need the services of an experienced and reliable roof plumber in Melbourne. We will not only replace corroded objects but also remove the problems altogether.

When do you need a Roof Plumber?

A roof plumber is needed for various jobs during the construction phase of a house in Melbourne. He is the professional who has all roof, gutter, downpipes and even finesse wall cladding prefabricated and installs the specified colorbond system legally from start to finish.. n Melbourne, a plumber requires a plumbing license endorsed by the Victorian Building Authority to carry out any roof plumbing. Roof plumbing is any work associated with covering or flashing of the roof, and it also involves attending the issues developed in stormwater collection and drainage system. Roof plumber also diagnoses and fixes problems in the connection of stormwater downpipes and drainage disposal system. In short, Anything that catches water is included as roof plumbing.

If you spot some moisture of leakage at one or two points from the ceiling in your home after a severe storm affecting Melbourne, there is no need to panic. You need not even take any risk by trying to climb up on the roof of your home if you do not have easy access to the roof and need a high ladder to reach there. One call to a reliable and trusted roof plumber Melbourne can solve your problem. He will pay a visit to your home and take a close look at the condition of the roof, gutters, and the drainage system and recommend the best possible solution in your case.

Re-Roofing – Roof Replacing or Roof Repair?

This is a big question that homeowners must find an answer to depending upon their financial condition and time available to them. If your house has been constructed recently, it is not advisable to replace thro of if any damage is identified by the roofing expert. But if your house is old and the roof has seen better times in it life, it is often a prudent idea to go for a new roof if the roof is giving constant troubles and repairing is not delivering desired results. Roof replacement is costly, but it also gives you peace of mind and free form worries for the next 20-35 years.

Even though the final decision regarding roof replacement is yours, it is prudent to consult a local and experienced roofing specialist in Melbourne before taking a decision.

Extreme weather conditions like a rainstorm or hailstorm can create an emergency involving collapsed or dripping roof. Your gutters might be blocked, or they might need urgent repair. In such a scenario, it is an expert and experienced roof plumber who can solve your problem. He can inspect your roof and the drainage system to identify and fix the problem. He can repair and replace the corroded and broken parts of the gutters and the metal fasteners. He will clean and change the rusty downpipes to make sure that drainage of stormwater from the roof is smooth and proper. An expert and licensed roof plumber Melbourne has the skills and the products to fix the problems in your roof system.

Regular maintenance of the roof keeps it in a top condition

Keeping your roof and the gutter system in good condition is the best way of avoiding big problems related to roof in future. If you are one of those homeowners who never think of their roof, you can pay the price later on when a minor problem becomes a big issue over a period of time. Why spend a huge amount of money on repair or even replacement of roof when you can get total peace of mind by simply getting your roof and drainage system inspected by a professional frequently? Proper inspection and maintenance of your roof by a roofing expert from time to time make sure that there are no damp areas on the roof to turn into a leaking roof over a period. He will make sure that there are no small issues that are left unattended to.

Roof maintenance is very important for all homeowners if they see signs of roof damage or leakage from the ceiling. You should find a reliable and experienced roofing expert in Melbourne who can carry out a full roof replacement. In most cases, it is the moisture created by standing water that causes damage to the roof. In most cases of roof restoration – roof replacement involves the removal of tiles and replacement with a BlueScope or Colorbond metal roof. In some cases, the homeowner becomes frustrated as he finds his roof leaking at one point but he cannot trace the root cause of the problem. There is no need to press the panic button even though it can be a nightmarish situation for the homeowner. No matter how big or small the leakage from the roof is, it can be fixed if you are able to find an experienced and reliable roof plumber in Melbourne.

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