Re-create a home and a building by using our expert re-roofing services. We have the know-how to renew your building into its former glory with a new roof, find how we do it here.


KC Roof Plumbing have brought new life to many homes through re-roofing and for years, our clients have referred us onto anyone who wants a beautiful result for their building too. We have the experience in roof replacing in a variety of situations from re-roofing after severe weather damage, repairing homes with pre-existing unsafe roofs and updating homes with Heritage Overlays. Our re-roofing makes homes secure, safe, structurally sound and look fantastic. The KC Roof Plumbing team have the know-how to create the best blend of the old roof with the new.


A roof covers over a third of a home’s exterior providing shelter against every condition all year round. So it’s no wonder that over time, it degrades, warps and generally gets a battering from the elements. Our re-roofing projects extend the life of all of our buildings and gives:

  • Strength. Our re-roofs are structurally secure.
  • Protection. Our installation fully seals and insulates buildings from the weather.
  • Savings. roof replacing is a faster process saving time and money.
  • Choice. Colorbond roofs, finishes and options are second to none.


Let them know that we are there from start to finish on the journey and being almost an advisory service from knowing every facet inside and out we will always ensure we have there best interest at heart with the most professional outcome.

From the beginning of the planning stages all the way through to the finished build. What sets us apart is that, not only are we there for the whole journey, we know roofing, like the back of our palm, and that’s why we give best advice based on our collective experience. We want produce an amazing result for you and we’ll do everything we can to help you get it.

We also work with the client and the teams that are employed by them – both on site and behind the scenes. We build relationships with Builders, Architects, Drafties and other trades.


Projects like re-roofing can have rules and regulations applied to them. We can point our clients in the right direction for permits, coordinating services and council requirements to complete a re-roofing project. In addition to all of that, we have our own quality assurance (QA) during construction and on completion where we supply evidence of a great d roof well done. Our team also undergo pre-start Risk Assessments to coincide with our paperless site specific SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement).


If you’re replacing  your existing  roof or only replacing part of it, we’ll advise you on the highest quality, best approach and biggest bang for your buck. KC Roof Plumbing are specialists in Metal Roofing and are fully qualified Roof Plumbers. Contact us on 1300 KC Roof (52 7663).

A few reasons to choose KC Roof Plumbing –

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