RayCo Construction Appointed KC Roof Plumbing to carry out the roof plumbing works on this single standing double story dwelling in Rye with 22.5 degree Colourbond custom orb roof, the works were carried out with extreme professionalism and we loved the travel down and working by the beach.

Job Testimonial


We have used KC Roof Plumbing to complete roof plumbing and wall cladding on our previous projects. We have always found Casey to be very approachable, reliable and trustworthy, along with his team of guys that help him out on site. In today’s competitive market we are more than pleased to have a reliable team that provides a quality product at a really competitive price.
Casey is always keen to take on a challenge and tackles projects that are not as straight forward as others, such as renovations, working at heights or projects with difficult access, as well as doing the new build type projects.

Clear communication is utmost, in the running of a successful business and having people like Casey to work along with makes things run smoother. There are constant changes during the construction schedule of a project and Casey always does what’s needed to accommodate our schedule and notify us of any changes in his.


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